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If you're looking for Microsoft Word Templates or Forms, eFORMandFUNCTION can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Let eFORMandFUNCTION help to accelerate your business and personal productivity in amazing ways.

eFORMandFUNCTION's team of design and programming professionals can create forms and templates to your exact specifications through our Custom Services Department . We can recreate what you already have on paper, or we can make your ideas a reality. Macros, Wizards, Document Systems, Visual Basic Programming and Database Creation / Integration Services are available, enabling your form templates to accomplish just about any task. To get started, just complete our Price Quote Request Form.

Or take a look in our Word Templates Shoppe. Check out our popular Auto-Calc Word Templates. Just enter the numbers and the form does the math for you.

If you'd like to learn to create your own Word Forms and Templates, check out our User-Friendly Instructions,

Word Templates and Forms by eFORMandFUNCTION are constructed as actual fill-in forms when appropriate, and are always structured with tables and cells. Form templates can include fill-in form fields, checkboxes, drop down menus and/or calculations. Our Custom Forms and Templates can be programmed with added functionality such as self-populating fields, custom toolbars, wizards, and just about any other special function that you need, including Database Integration.

Word Form Templates created by eFORMandFUNCTION are NOT simply standard Microsoft Word form documents saved in template format. Simple Word Form Templates can pose a problem when text is inserted — the entire document shifts — up, down, left, right — a one page document or form turns into a 2 pager — you never know what it will end up looking like once it has been completed. eFORMandFUNCTION'sTemplates and Forms solve all of these problems and enable you to:
  • wipe out paperwork backlogs and reduce stress
  • spend less time on paperwork and filling out forms, more time on high priority tasks
  • stop entering the same repetitive information again and again
  • easily organize your forms and documents into folders on your computer while reducing piles of paperwork on your desk and in your file cabinet
  • access information quickly with a few clicks of your mouse
  • send paperwork and submit forms via email

Read what some of our Clients have to say about working with FORMandFUNCTION:

Craig Van Brussel, Chief Technology Officer, First Judicial Circuit of Florida, Escambia County, FL
"We use forms from eFORMandFUNCTION to automate our court process. Their templates have allowed us to streamline a very paper intensive work environment. We gave eFORMandFUNCTION a concept and they created a template that turned it into a reality; in addition, they added many exciting features we never would have thought of. Their customer service and professionalism has always been outstanding and I give them my highest vendor rating."

Nicole Monteiro, Organization and Associate Development, Stop & Shop Supermarket Co., Quincy, MA
"Thank you for the fantastic job done on creating the templates for Stop & Shop’s Performance Review and Development forms. The templates are just what we are looking for in providing our associates with a user-friendly form. They are astonished at how easy it is to work with our new and improved performance forms. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Your patience, creativity, and professionalism have made this process a successful one."

Officer Kevin Franklin, BART Police Department, San Francisco, California
It was a pleasure working with you and your company. You and your team were able to take our old fashioned paper forms and create electronic versions that looked exactly the same as the original forms, thus saving us valuable time in not having to re-train our people in how to use the new forms. I have received many compliments from our employees on how well the new forms work and on how much time they save. The cost for developing the forms was reasonable and definitely less expensive than trying to develop the forms in-house. I would highly recommend eFORMandFUNCTION for anyone who needs assistance with the development and production of electronic forms."

Karen E. Rushing, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Sarasota County, Florida
"Thank you again for the outstanding service your company provided to our Human Resources department during the development and implementation of our Employee Performance Appraisal project. From program concept to roll-out, eFORMandFUNCTION was by our side. Your understanding, flexibility, and creativity greatly contributed to the success of our project which we were able to implement on time and under budget."

Heather Goodrow, Marketing Consultant, DBFX Group, Newbury, Massachusetts
"You and your team have done a very thorough job creating this template and as a result we will be able to use it for years to come. I especially appreciate all of the extra information you have readily provided along the way. Thanks again for your efforts!"


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